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Comfortable internet service environment, comfortable communication
environment, rich sightseeing information for traveling in Kyoto etc...
'Travel Pad' provides various environment in order to enrich
your sightseeing in Kyoto.



Internet is necessary when traveling overseas.
By using 'Travel Pad', you have access to Japan's communication line.

TRAVEL PAD includes:

  • free Internet anywhere at anytime
  • free rental recharger and soft case
  • free apps to enrich your journey in Kyoto
  • 9~17 customer support in English


You are able to connect to broadband internet (4G LTE) into your own Smart phone and Laptop
by using 'Travel Pad' as a router.



We have various contents related to sightseeing in Kyoto.
Contents included in 'Travel Pad' will help you manage your time
more efficiently, and allow you to sightsee Kyoto with comfort.


  • communication
  • map
  • coupon
  • travel info
  • game

All the customer service
staffs speak fluent English

In case you got lost, could not figure out how to get to your destination, or if there was some trouble with the tablet please contact the call center. English speaking call staff will answer your questions and solve your problems.



1,500 /day

  • Tablet with internet access
  • Charger and Soft Case
  • Customer service from 9:00 to 17:00
  • Application


1,800 /day

  • Tablets with internet access
  • Charger and Soft Case
  • Customer service from 9:00 to 17:00
  • Application
  • Insurance for Damage
  • Insurance for steal/ loss
  • Insurance for submersion



ADDD-Link.co.,Ltd TEL: 075-757-8251
MAIL: info@addd-link.co.jp

    • Tablet Rental Contract
      1. Terms and conditions of application

      These terms and conditions for tablet rental contract (hereafter called the “contract”) apply to all applicants (hereafter called the “customers”) renting the tablet and other accessories (hereafter called the “attachments”) from ADDD-Link Co., Ltd. (hereafter called the “company”). Customer and company agreement of the contract shall be concluded through the service window (hereafter called the “service window”).

      2. Conclusion of rental contract

      1. The rental contract shall be followed by issuing a confirmation of his/her reservation, an agreement to the contract, and handing over the tablet and other attachments.
      2. Our Company may not be able to provide tablet rental for the following reasons. (1). Lack of stock. (2). Issuer’s discretion

      3. Rental period

      1. The rental period starts from the day the tablet is issued until the return date of the tablet.
      2. Assigned rental period cannot be changed afterwards without permission of extension from our company. In case Customers cannot return the rental tablet and attachments on the final rental day or returned the tablet and attachments before the return date, we cannot refund rental fees that have already been received.
      3. A fixed monetary sum in one day units.
      4. This service is available between 6:00am to 11:30pm.

      Extension of rental period

      1. In order to extend the rental period, Customers must notify our Company in advance and it needs to be before the last date of the rental period.
      2. The company may not allow the extension of rental period due to hindrance of execution of business.
      3. When customer continue using the cell phone rental without approval from our company, customer must pay late fees.

      Handing over and return of the tablet

      1. This tablet may only be handed to the customers at the rental service window.
      2. A tablet and all the attachments must be returned in specified ways by the returning date. However, if the customer has contacted the company and accepted, the company will allow the customer to return the tablet in other ways.


      1. Customers shall pay the rental fees by credit card as designated by the Customer, according to the terms and conditions of the company issuing the Designated Credit Card. Otherwise customers shall pay in cash at the service window.
      2. Additional fees occurred after the first payment (extension or damages) shall be paid when the tablet is returned by credit card or by cash at the service window. If the credit card cannot be used while the tablet is rented, our company will send a bill.
      3. If the credit card company does not approve the charges, our company may send a bill.

      Customers duty

      Customers shall care for and use the rental tablet for its intended purpose according to the instructions provided by our company.


      1. A customer shall be present at the time of an application, and shall apply for the insurance optional service provided by our company. This service cannot be cancelled during the rental period of the tablet. Also, if you choose to extend the rental period, the insurance service will also be extended.
      2. If the rental tablet is lost or damaged during the rental period, inform our company immediately.
      3. In the case of a loss or damages, customers must pay our company:

      Tablet 50,000 yen
      USB power adapter 3,000 yen
      USB cable 3,000 yen
      Table case 2,000 yen
      9. Restriction on use and provision

      1. Customers may only use the rented tablet and attachments at designated area.
      2. The company shall not take responsibility for the following:
         A) Calls from or to mobile phones that may be disconnected.
         B)The calls and tablet access may be inaccessible due to poor reception or mobile providers signal despite being in designated areas.
         C) Tablets malfunctions may occur despite being handled with care.

      10. Pay per use fee

      Applicants must pay any fees incurred from exceeding the allotted data plan.

      11. Communication speed

      Communication speed of the device may vary depending on users environment.

      12. Tracking the utilization pathway

      Applicants' utilization pathway is recorded and saved for improvement of service. Recorded data will be used for improving our service only.

      13. Contact to this company (ADDD-Link Co.,Ltd)

      1. Applicants must contact the company when experiencing problems with the device such as a malfunction.
      2. Applicants must contact the company, when phone calls are obstructed by telecommunication equipment, when the device has trouble caused by unpredictable events, and when the service experiences trouble caused by unpredictable factors, such as natural disasters, strikes, or by political decision making.
      3. The company does not bare responsibility of any losses experienced such as in case of No.2 of Section 13.

      14. Application Cancelation

      Applicants must inform the company when they cancel during the utilization of service. The rental fee will be fully refunded to applicants if the service is cancelled before 7 business days from utilization of service. If cancel is done before 4 business days from the first day of using the service, applicants will be charged a cancelation fee.
         Cancelation fee
         Canceling the day before service starts: 40% of the rental fee
         Cancelation on the day of using service: 50% of the rental fee
         Cancel after using service: 100% of the rental fee

      15. Cancellations

      The company can cancel the contract without a formal notice under the situations below. 
      Applicants must return the device and all accessories to the company, and pay all loss and debts occurred due to the cancellation. Thus, rental fee and compensation cost will not be refunded.
         1. When applicants breach the duty of section 7
         2. When the terms of conditions are breached.
         3. When it is apparent that information on the application form is incorrect.
         4. When the company finds it difficult to continue the contract because of applicants poor credit.

      16. Prohibits cession

      Applicants must not cede, resell, lease the right of the device and accessories on this constitution, and must not invade the right.

      17. Discharges

      The company is not responsible for any trouble or any losses that applicants or third party may suffer due to wrong utilization of the device and accessories. 

      18. Identity Verification and Preservation of Records

      The company verifies and preserves applicants` identity information from legal ID for theft prevention.

      19. Other promises

      Applicants will pay all the costs of any lawsuit when settling with the company.

      20. The competent court

      Kyoto district court is the competent court of the first trial when incidents regarding this contracts occur.